The injection moulding of packaging we offer for silicones, acrylics, adhesives, and sealing compounds is a process for processing plastics in granular form. The technology is based on injecting the plasticised material into a mould, where it solidifies in the form of a so-called moulded piece.

Cartridges for silicones, nozzles, and plungers for cartridges manufactured using injection moulding technology guarantee the highest quality – excellent mechanical parameters and high aesthetics.

Products manufactured in this way perform excellently under the most difficult conditions of use – during construction, renovation, or in the automotive industry. At the same time, the technology is environmentally friendly – injection moulded packaging can be recycled.

resilience under the toughest conditions

superior quality



As part of its comprehensive range of packaging for silicones, acrylics, adhesives, and sealing compounds, Kartpol Group Sp. z o.o. carries out printing with UV inks on PET packaging using the screen printing method. The technology we use guarantees high efficiency, colour repeatability, and high print quality.

We produce prints in up to six colours, using only high-quality German inks. We work with a graphic design company that has many years of experience in preparing printing materials. This allows us to develop a design that meets all of our customer’s requirements.


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